Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be provided a workstation by the academy, or will we need to provide our own technology?
All students will have access to computer workstations that have been provided by Michigan Connections Academy, at our facility, during regular school hours.
Are there only certain ages that can participate in your academy?
We are currently accepting applications for students going into grades 6-12. We are also offering graduate programs in addition to the regular DHA on ice programs, as well as co-op opportunities for students and families that are interested in both on-line courses as well as traditional courses at their current school. Having access to our ice rinks and workout equipment at all times of the day is a great convenience for students. The Detroit Hockey Academy is also very flexible with unique player schedules and needs.
Is there a dress code for students attending the Academy?
Yes, presentation is very important and all Detroit Hockey Academy students will adhere to a professional dress code policy. Students will have the option of wearing their Academy issued polo shirt with khaki pants or their Academy issued track suit.
What makes the Detroit Hockey Academy different from other performance based schools?
The Detroit Hockey Academy strives to provide an experience that matches your players needs. From an athletic standpoint, your player will have access to trainers, ice and gym facilities at any time of the day. If your player has completed their studies for the day, they are welcome to gear up and hit the ice again, or the weight room, or just relax and spend time with other students or instructors. The athletic sessions are not just another group practice, the time spent with trainers is spent working on specific, individual skill development. It’s not about waiting in line to do a drill, it’s about optimizing your on-ice time with the best instruction you can get.
Are there bussing options available for my child?
Sorry, we currently do not offer any bussing options.
Are there vacation breaks at Christmas, just like a regular school?
Breaks will follow the same schedule of the public school systems.
Can my child periodically do their work online from home instead of at your facility?
Absolutely, that is one of the greatest aspects of being part of the Detroit Hockey Academy. Not only is your student getting unprecedented on and off ice training, but if the student needs to miss school for tournaments, family functions or illness, they can simply login from home and complete their academic work on their own schedule.