Michigan Edge Spotlight


In an exclusive interview with Michigan Edge Business Edition, we dive deep into the core values that define the essence of the Detroit Hockey Academy (DHA). As a beacon of hockey excellence, DHA has been shaping the future of young athletes, not only through rigorous training on the ice but also by instilling values that extend beyond the rink.

Q: Can you elaborate on the values that distinguish Detroit Hockey Academy in the realm of sports education?

A: Absolutely. At Detroit Hockey Academy, our values form the foundation of our approach to sports education. Integrity, discipline, teamwork, and excellence are the cornerstones that guide our students both on and off the ice. We believe that these values not only shape exceptional athletes but also contribute to the development of responsible and dedicated individuals.

Q: How does DHA integrate these values into its training programs?

A: Our coaching philosophy is centered around incorporating these values into every aspect of our training programs. Whether it’s on the ice, in the classroom, or within the community, we emphasize the importance of integrity in sportsmanship, discipline in honing skills, teamwork in fostering a cooperative spirit, and a pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

Q: Detroit Hockey Academy has recently expanded its offerings with Detroit Prep. How do these values translate into the new program?

A: With the introduction of Detroit Prep, our commitment to values-driven education has only intensified. We aim to provide a holistic sports curriculum where students can not only excel in their chosen sport, including hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, golf, and figure skating but also imbibe the values that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

Q: In light of the recent appointment of Carey Krug as the Director of Player Development, how do you see the values aligning with his vision for the academy?

A: Carey Krug shares our commitment to values-based player development. His approach, which focuses not only on skill enhancement but also on character development, perfectly aligns with our core values. We believe that under his guidance, our players will not only grow as skilled athletes but will also emerge as individuals of integrity, discipline, and excellence.

In essence, the Detroit Hockey Academy remains steadfast in its dedication to cultivating not just exceptional athletes but well-rounded individuals. Our values are not merely words; they are the guiding principles that shape the character of every student-athlete at DHA, ensuring a legacy of excellence both on and off the ice.